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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Do not immigrate unless you know you why you want to immigrate

With Canadian Immigration Consultancy's over 25 years of experience helping clients immigrate to Canada, we have compiled some of the reasons why successful applicants wanted to immigrate to Canada.

Do not immigrate unless you know you why you want to immigrate

It is our belief that if you can't relate to at least 3 of these reasons, you are not really highly motivated to immigrate to Canada.
  • Lack of financial security in the Philippines
  • No financial safety net in old age
  • Limited retirement benefits in old age
  • I'm scared I will be a financial liability to my family in old age
  • I'm afraid I will end up feeling useless, a burden and depressed in old age
  • My sister/brother/parents who are in Canada want me to apply
  • Wages too low in the Philippines
  • Hard to find a good paying job in the Philippines
  • Can't find a decent job in-line with my education in the Philippines
  • To make money for my family in the Philippines
  • Don't feel they can have quality life in the Philippines
  • Don't want to be a financial burden on their children in old age
  • Want to let their children have their own life
  • Want to give their children a quality education
  • Want to give their family a quality life
  • Don't feel they can afford to raise a family in the Philippines
  • Want to have a family they can afford to raise
  • Want to be able to buy their own car/home
  • Don't like the feeling they were born to take care of their parents
  • Don't want their children to feel they were born to take care of them
  • Tired of working overseas and not living with their family
  • Afraid their parents will bankrupt them in their old age
  • Feel hopeless watching relatives and friends going broke
  • Feel guilty they can't afford to take care of their own family
  • I love my parents but I don't want the pressure from them and relatives for money and financial support
  • Want to live in a clean environment
  • Want to live in a safe country
  • Want to be able to take care of myself financially in old age
  • Do not want to beg for financial help, I want to help myself
How about you?  What are your reasons?  Why do you want to immigrate to Canada?

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