August 2, 2007

It was a risk worth playing

CANADA is a wonderful place to live, a lot of benefits for its citizens and residents. All you have to do is to work hard to acquire these benefits. This is the story of 35-year old graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management who ventured in this wonderful place to live in.

"I was delighted when I received the letter. It was from the Canadian Embassy. Finally, we are immigrating to Canada! After four years of waiting, our application is approved," Anna Solitario shares in her email message.
March 16, 2005 was a day of rejoicing for her and her family. Anna's dream of going to Canada is finally unfolding from the minute they passed the interview.

Until now she could still remember the questions tossed by Ms. Griffin, her Visa Officer. First, she asked about her job experience, as well as her husband's work. Lastly, she asked about their settlement fund. Anna narrates, "I told her that we have a buyer for our car, aside from the separation pay that I will be receiving from my company to prove that I have sufficient funds to settle in Canada."

With the support of CIC, her dream of landing in Canada last March 25, 2006 became a reality.
At present, she's working at A&W located at Eaton Center, the biggest shopping mall in Toronto. Her daughter, Angela, is studying in a Catholic School. "She loves Canada and doesn't want to come back to the Philippines," she proudly shares.

Now, they are living in the country that will give Angela and her husband Ron, a chance to live better and a secured future. Though at first, she had difficulty living in a different culture, in a different environment, she is confident that somehow her sacrifices would fade out. After all, the eagerness of giving her family the best for their future supersedes whatever homesickness, risks and disappointments she may encounter.

She has taken risk at playing a game of chance --- a game where she does not even know if she will survive. Eventually, she knows that she will come out as a winner as she continues walking towards the right path to a pasture filled with fruits of their dream.