January 25, 2008

Bonding and togetherness: formula for survival

It all started with an aspiration to be able to give her children a better shot of experiencing better opportunities. With this, Yolly thought that a viable way to do this is to try living in another country that will give her children better education and better life, eventually. It was at this juncture that she went around the town until she bumped into a seminar being conducted by CIC.

After contemplating on the thought of settling in Canada, Yolly finally decided that the only way to realize this dream is to work on it. Hence, she filed her application in 2001 with the Canadian Embassy.

Considering her professional experience and education, she believes that she can make it in Canada. But along the way, there were a lot of stumbling blocks. She never realized that she would face so many interrogations from the Visa Officer particularly in the case of her husband. Her husband’s absence caused a lot of complications on their application to the extent that it almost caused the end of fulfilling her dream.

Two years after leaving the country, Yolly has finally settled into their newly-bought unit for her three children. Even if it would mean spending most of her income, she believes that living in Canada has opened a new chapter in her life and that of her children. Though there is the absence of a man in their family, she feels complete considering that her children have already adjusted to their new lifestyle. They have each other, after all.

Even though she missed Philippines due to her loved ones, she would never exchange it for anything else. With her kids around her, she finds no time to experience homesickness. “As of now, we are happy and we have no time to experience homesick dahil kasama ko naman po mga kids ko, kahit kmi lang dito e masaya naman po,” she relates.

Now, she is enjoying her job QA Coordinator in a food company at CS14.50/hr. She is blessed to be able to find a job that is in line with her work experience and learning new stuff such as labeling requirement, allergen and nutritional information on food.[Gateway to Canada]