January 18, 2008

Maple Leaf ends Chinese worker program over job fees

Maple Leaf Foods has shut down a program to import workers from China after discovering that 61 employees at its Brandon, Man., pork processing plant each had to pay a $10,000 fee to get the jobs.

The company said it had no knowledge of the fees and is launching an investigation into the allegations.

A federal government spokesperson said Monday that the Department of Human Resources and Social Development is also looking into the case.

Meanwhile, Maple Leaf said it has terminated its business relationship with the Canadian immigration consultant hired by Maple Leaf to find the workers.

But Sophia Cummings of Vancouver told the Canadian Press on Monday that she did not charge the workers anything and only received money directly from Maple Leaf Foods for her services.

She refused to comment further, saying she's trying to figure out "who would do such a malicious thing."[cbcnews]

$10,000 fees to get a meat cutter job is simply too much!

But given the situation here in the Philippines, it isn't surprising if some Filipinos would also be willing to pay such a huge amount. Most people are discouraged by the long processing period to get their immigrant visa and are finding ways to circumvent the process. However, there's always the wrong way and the right way. Those who wanted a short cut often fell prey to opportunist recruiters.

If you are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada, the best time to file your application is now while the passmark is still at 67 points! Don't be discouraged by the processing period. Most of our clients who receive their visas recently were filed in 2004. Had they not filed their application 3 or 4 years ago, they wouldnt have received their visa last year.

If you are planning for your future, you should start now.