POEA and Jobs in Canada

Recently, I've been receiving calls from clients asking about the deal with POEA's recruitment activity for Canada after seeing the news aired few days ago. Some even went to POEA office to inquire and submit their resume only to find out that government placement facility has no job openings for Canada.

I haven't seen the news and don't have any idea how it was reported. But considering how the media exaggerates sometimes, it isn't surprising why many people reacted that way.

Anyway, POEA released an advisory to clarify the matter:

POEA’s government placement facility has no job openings for Canada. Job orders for Canada are available at DOLE-POEA licensed recruitment agencies with accredited principals/employers. Interested applicants may apply with these licensed recruitment agencies or search for job orders at our website. [For the full text of the advisory, click here.]

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