February 7, 2008

From the eyes of a newly-landed immigrant: Abet Alberto

This is my second month here (March 2007) in the winter season of Canada. It is also my second transfer of residence due to work requirements. April 2007, my entire family is joining me and it is imperative that we live near where my work is, i.e., Mississauga.

Hey, guys there are a lot of work here! I have landed on my 2nd job and I am now looking for a 3rd one. I am not trained to work for only 40 hours a week. I can work more than that, probably, another 20-30 hours a week.

Luckily, I was hired by a new American Company as Project Coordinator since last Feb 5 (the first National Franchise in Canada owned by Italians) which is based in Mississauga.

Tips to my colleagues: make a resume that fits the Canadian mindset and preferences. As much as possible, refer to the National Occupational Classification.

So, what does immigrating to Canada means to me?

  • It is a tough decision but a worthy one. There are a lot of opportunities as long as you are willing, able and competitive in the Canadian workforce. Definitely, you need to forget your present status in your home country. After all, you can create a new career here in Canada.

  • It means having a good proficiency in English.

  • It means being able to be computer literate.

  • It means creating a bigger network for you to easily adapt.

  • It means being competitive to get higher rewards later.

  • It means reading more, researching more and asking more.

  • It means giving up your Filipino style of driving style.

  • It means saving enough money that you can bring to Canada.

  • It means learning to be independent the minute you land here.

  • It means living in a negative 20 to 30 centigrade during winter.

  • It means having no nanny or household help, although you can still live comfortably.

  • It means accepting the joy of being a stranger in a foreign land.

  • It means that spending less than half an hour of your salary for your gasoline expenses in a day.

  • It means being able to eat anything that you want without suffering your budget.. After all, a good meal here is less than an hour's pay.

  • It means realizing that we can help more Filipinos if we stay here.

  • It means upgrading your skills and learning that you can switch careers at any age.

  • It means being able to study by taking out a government loan and paying later.

  • It means learning how to fill up your gasoline tank.

  • It means giving up on your SMS, after all, phone calls are cheaper.

  • The list is too long to elaborate; you must come here to know it by yourself. To those who are willing... WELCOME to Canada.

    During his interview, Abet Alberto was assessed under NOC 2231 - Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians.[Gateway to Canada]