March 19, 2008

Information Regarding your Temporary Resident Visa

I filed two Temporary Resident Visa Applications last month and both were approved. Their applications were filed one after another with one week interval. Interestingly, the visa of the first application I filed was released only this morning. It took 27 working days! Normally, the result is being released within 15 working days. The other visa was released last week.

What caused the delay? I have no idea.:-) But just the same, here's a photo of their visa-

A couple from Olongapo

A client from Bataan

But is a valid temporary resident visa a guarantee of entry into Canada?

The answer is NO.

  • A valid temporary resident visa is not a guarantee of entry into Canada; an officer at the port of entry will decide if you still meet the requirements for admission when you arrive. If there has been a change in circumstances between the date of your application and your arrival in Canada or if subsequent information is given which was not originally available to the visa office, you may be refused entry.

  • You must arrive in Canada on or before the date printed under "EXPIRY DATE" on your visa.

  • Your single-entry visa will allow you repeated entries to Canada from the USA within the period authorized for your stay in Canada. The authorized period of stay is the time granted by the port of entry officer at the time of yoru entry to Canada.

  • *If you are planning to visit Canada, please also read: Canada Visa Application Guide for Filipinos.