March 13, 2008

Newly-landed Canadian immigrants get more support from government

Immigrants landing in Alberta will surely be enthusiastic to hear this!

The government of Alberta, recognizing that most of the professional immigrants need to register and be accredited in their chosen field, is providing a program that will make it easier for them to be integrated into the labor market.

Through the Immigrant Access Fund (IAF), the Albertan government will provide loan of up to C$5,000 repayable within four years. The loan will cover the cost of tuition fees, course materials, exam fees, living and travel expenses, qualification assessments and professional association fees. Most foreign-trained professional immigrants cannot practice their profession unless they have been properly accredited or registered in their professional field. Employers in Canada and the government do not recognize the qualifications earned by immigrant overseas, not until they have undergone accreditation.

Minister Iris Evans of Employment and Industry realize that during this stage of Alberta’s unprecedented growth, they need every worker’s potential and new immigrants are not exempted from this. "Some newcomers have trouble finding work in their profession because of a range of registration, certification or education issues-we need to overcome these barriers in a way that allows them to practice their professions fairly and safely, and in accordance with Canadian standards," Evans said.[Gateway to Canada]