April 9, 2008

Immigration instructions to be governed by fairness, consultation

To clarify issues on the proposed amendments to modernize the immigration system, Citizenship and Immigration Canada held a technical briefing on April 8, 2008. Contrary to the claim of the Liberals, it said that the proposed changes are designed to reduce a massive backlog of visa applications, and not to close the door to immigrants.

The Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, released today the principles that would guide implementation of proposed changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

The aim of the changes is to modernize Canada’s immigration system and significantly reduce the time it takes to bring newcomers and their families to Canada. Under proposed changes to the Act, the Minister would have the authority to issue instructions to immigration officers related to the processing of applications, including in relation to the jobs available in Canada, so that people with those skills and experience can be brought to Canada more quickly.Source]