May 30, 2008


Alberta has the second largest proven concentration of oil in the world, the vast majority of which is found in oil sands deposits. It may be considered as the hotbed of economic activity in Alberta. With so many projects underway, it resulted to a more serious labor shortage affecting the province. A popular estimate is that Alberta can expect a labour shortage of 100,000 workers by 2015

There are lots of opportunities for foreign workers seeking employment in Alberta. In fact, the government of Alberta even made a portal for foreign workers where they could search jobs and information about credential assessment and training certification.

Alberta's Provincial Nominee Program is purely an employer driven immigration program where you will need a job offer from a qualified employer. It also has Self Employed Stream subject to the following requirements:

  • The farm owner/operator category is restricted to primary agriculture enterprises. Priority will be given to applicants purchasing farming enterprises representing the best opportunity for growth relevant to Alberta's agri-food growth targets. Applicants should document their investment intentions through their proposed business plans.

  • Confirmation of proven farm management skills through personal representation of a combination of the following:

  • o Financial documentation of their existing farm enterprise.
    o Documentation of their education, training and work experience.
    o Proposed business plan for the farming enterprise being considered in Alberta.
    o Canadian financial institution willingness to finance the proposed farming enterprise.

  • Commitment to invest a minimum of CDN$500,000 of equity in a farming enterprise in Alberta. The applicant must provide documentation which demonstrates that they have a minimum net worth of CDN$500,000 or confirmation of access to a similar amount of funds from other sources.

  • Sufficient financial resources to develop a sustainable farming operation. This amount may in many instances exceed the minimum investment specified to qualify under the Farmer PNP category.

  • Applicants must make personal representation to Alberta Agriculture to demonstrate their financial capability and specific interests in investing in a farming enterprise in Alberta.

  • To search jobs in Alberta, click here. For Alberta PNP information, click here.

    Filipinos in Alberta
    Based on the 2006 census, there are about 11,145 immigrants in Alberta who came from the Philippines. There is in fact a Council of Edmonton Filipino Associations composed of the following organizations: Alberta Domestic Workers Association, Filipino Nurses Association in Alberta, Filipino Retirees Association in Alberta, PCMS’s ( Kundiman), Philippine Bayanihan Association in Alberta, Philippine Cultural Heritage Society, Philippine Cultural Society, & the Circulo Pampangueno.

    Precipitation ranges from 30 cm in the southeast to 40 - 45 cm in the north, except from the foothills region, where accumulations reach 55 - 60 cm annually.

    Sunshine ranges from 1,900 hours annually in the north to 2,300 hours near Lethbridge in the south. Air funnelling through the Rockies also produces warm, dry chinook winds, especially prevalent in southwestern Alberta, that can raise temperatures dramatically within hours.

    Temperatures in January range from -8°C in the south to -24°C in the north, and in July from 20°C in the south to 16°C in the north.[Source: 2003 Canadian Encyclopedia]

    Cost of Living
    Alberta has the lowest over all taxes in Canada. It has lowest top marginal personal income tax rate among the provinces at 39%-29% federal and 10% provincial. And there is no provincial sales tax. However, cost of living in Alberta is higher compare to most of the provinces in Canada.

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