June 1, 2008

Canada Visa Question From India

Here's another question I recevived from one my readers. She's from India planning to apply for a Canadian Visa.

My name is _____ and I'm an Indian citizen who is a prospective immigrant to Canada. While searching for the latest details on amendments to Canadian Immigration System, I chanced upon your blog. I'm currently in a dilemma on which program to apply to - whether to apply through the Quebec or the Federal skilled work program. Would the amendments mean it would speed up the process in both categories for educated/experienced workers like me? I'd very much like your advice on this. My brief profile is given below.

Here's my reply to her email.

Right now, one can only speculate on what would be the consequences if the proposed amendments will be approved and implemented.

The Citizenship and Imigration Canada is consistent in saying that it is meant to expedite the process. On the other hand, the Liberals are saying that the proposed amendments will be closing the door to immigration. This fear is based on the fact that the Immigration Minister , in a nut shell, will have the sole power to decide who will be allowed to enter Canada. Depending on the Immigration Minister's mandate, Some applications will be prioritize, some will be returned unprocessed. The very reason why it is being opposed by the Liberals.

If implemented, it may actually speed up the process - for the selected occupations. But at this point, nobody knows for certain what are those occupations. One can only speculate that these are the occupations under pressure. And in all fairness to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, they said that Immigration instructions to be governed by fairness and consultation.

Having said that, the best that you could do is file your application as soon as possible. If you will wait until the amendment is finalized, that may not be favorable for you. Cliche as it may, but as they say, time is gold. Remember that immigration regulations change. Current passmark is 67. It used to be 75. The longer you delay your decision to apply, the more you are risking your eligibility. It's quite a risk, of course. Consider it as your investment. And just like any other investment, it involves risk.

I hope to have answered your question. But please feel free to email me again.

Good luck to your application.

I've been receiving lost of emails from my readers from India. One of them actually recently got his Temporary Resident Visa to work in Canada. For your canada visa application queries, please feel free to leave your comments here.