June 10, 2008

Live-in Caregiver Program | How to apply

Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program is a unique program under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. It allows someone to enter Canada on a temporary work permit, and then apply from within Canada to become a permanent resident.

To qualify under the live in caregiver program, you must meet the following:

  • A job confirmation letter from a Canadian employer.[A positive labor market opinion from Human Resource and Social Development Canada (HRSDC)]

  • A written contract with your future employer

  • Successful completion of the equivalent of Canadian secondary school. [For Filipino Applicants: You must have at least two year post high school education, in which you must have obtained at least 72 units of credit].

  • At least six months’ training, or at least one year of full-time experience (including six months with one employer) during the past three years. [For Filipino Applicants: In order for your training to be recognized, it must be taken at an institution accredited by the local education authority (TESDA).It should six months with a minimum of twenty-five hours per week in classroom lectures must have been completed as part of formal education.]

  • Good knowledge of English or French

  • A work permit before you enter Canada

  • A job offer and a positive Labor Market Opinion is not a guarantee that you will be issued visa and work permit. You must be able to satisfy the visa officer that you meet the requirements, especially the education, training and experience. This is where most of those who apply for the program fail.

    If you don't have formal caregiver training, you must have at least one year related experience. This experience must be within the last three years from the time you filed your application.

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    Application forms and complete application kit for Live-in Caregiver Program may be downloaded from http://cic.gc.ca.