June 16, 2008

Proposed Amendments passed through the final reading in Canada's House of Commons

Now that the proposed amendments to modernize Canada's immigration system passed final reading in Canada's House of Commons, it will now be reviewed by the Senate. Once passed into law, these amendments will give the the Immigration Minister power to decide which application shall be process quickly, put on hold, or worst, to be returned unprocessed.

The liberals criticized the proposed amendments saying it will close the door to immigration. But the Bill C-50, which contains the controversial amendments to immigration was easily passed with a vote of 121-90 in favor of the bill. It was reported that nearly 80 liberals were absent from the house of commons during the vote.

The NDP and Bloc Québécois wanted to force an election on the issue and were upset that nearly 80 Liberal MPs were absent from the House during the vote. The vote on Bill C-50 was the last, best chance to force an election before the House rises for its summer recess which it will do before June 20. NDP and Bloc Québécois MPs were angry at the Liberals for letting that opportunity slip away. The bill passed with 120 Conservative MPs voting in favour and 90 Liberal, Bloc, and NDP MPs voting against.

"The fact they are not assuming their responsibilities is bad for democracy," said Bloc MP Paul Crete.

"This is a horrible day for immigrants across the country. It's a damaging, dangerous and deceptive bill," said NDP MP Olivia Chow. "How could it possibly be that they would let this pass? It's unbelievable. It's betraying the trust of ordinary Canadians." [Source]

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