July 12, 2008

How to expedite the process: Application to work in Canada

Information on how to apply for work in Canada is available in the Canadian Embassy website. You'll find there the downloadable application forms, instructins and list of requirements that you needed to submit.

Now, this post is to give tips (for Filipino workers) on how to expedite the process of work permit application filed in the Philippines. Current processing period is approximately 10 weeks but based on the acknowledgement letters we receive from embassy, it looks like the processing period is really 18 weeks. These tips could not only help expedite the process but may also give you a higher chance of approval.

1. It is best that your employment contract and Labor Market Opinion (LMO) is validated by Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) before filing your application at the Canadian Visa Office here in Manila.

2. Accomplish your appliction forms properly, don't leave any field blank. Put N/A if fiedls are not applicable to you.

3. Submit all the applicable documents required on the checklist. Submit original documents if that is the requirement.

4. Submit your original passport including all previous passports. If it's lost, prepare an affidavit.

5. If you have expereince working abroad, secure a certification and or OFW Information Sheet from POEA. You'll not find this on the checklist, but they may require you this just the same. So submit this as well to avoid delay.

6. Most of the jobs in Canada require language proficiency in English or French. An English Test result may help expedite the process. This is not mandatory but highly recommended. Once you have your work permit application File No. you may then schedule your CANSPEAK Test through Canadian Embassy Phone Center. The test will cost you P 1,000.00. Or if you want to submit English Test Result at the time of filing of your application, you may take the IELTS Examination. This will cost you P 8,640.00.

We provide assistance both for work permit, permanent resident visa and all Canada Visa application. Please feel free to email me at aapuntar@go2canada.com should you need more information.

Good luck to your application!