August 7, 2008

Comment on Immigration priorities consultation

I've been receiving emails asking about the immigration priorities, about the list of occupations that will be prioritized. Please note that consultation on Canada's immigration priorities is still ongoing. Once done, the immigration minister will send instruction to visa offices as to which occupations will be prioritize, process on a later date or returned unprocessed.

While bloghopping, I stumbled upon this interesting comment about the ongoing consultation on immigration priorities and I thought of sharing it with you.

Given that there are so many immigrants flocking to NWT, Nunavut and Yukon, and given that MORE THAN HALF of all new immigrants chose to live in Ontario, why is there ONE, yes just ONE consultation in the most immigrant-inhabited province?!?!!?

My friend in Hamilton said she would like a consultation in her city. And they forgot Ottawa, too, where one out of 7 is an immigrant! What the heck is their problem?

How does The White North get one consultation each? Why would you consult people who haven't seen significant integration issues on this subject? [The Adventures of Diva Rachel]

I think that's a very good point. What do you think?