September 20, 2008

New Processing Times for Work Permit Application

Processing times for work permit application used to be 10 weeks only. But beacause of the volume of applications the Manila Visa Office is processing, it is now longer.

As of the updating of this message, processing time was approximately 16-20 weeks. It is anticipated that processing times will lengthen in the near future due to staff turnover and record volumes of applications. It is anticipated that by late Fall 2008 processing times will start to decrease as additional resources come in to play and intake volume stabilizes. Please do not make any representations on a case until at least 6 months have passed since the application was received by our office as processing delays may occur due to medical follow-up, missing, incomplete or inaccurate documentation or if an interview is required.

It was last updated on July, 2008. For complete list of average processing times for Canada Visa Application at Manila Visa Office, visit