September 21, 2008

Refused Work Permit Application

Apparently, more and more work permit applications are being refused by Manila Visa Office.

I have noticed that many of those who visited my blog this week are either looking for information about Labor Market Opinion (LMO) and delay in processing of their work permit application. I have received 7 emails asking what options do they have after their work permit application was refused.

For those wondering why there is a delay in processing for their work permit application, please read updates on processing times for Canada Visa application.

There is no appeal process for temporary resident visa application. However, applicants are allowed to reapply. The thing is, if you have submitted wrong information and documents that caused the refusal of your application, refiling your application will not make a difference. We may help you refile your application only if we feel that there's still a chance.

Another alternative is to ask for judicial review through the Federal Court of Canada if applicant thinks that the process was not legally or procedurally fair. In that case, the applicant will need a lawyer in Canada to act on his behalf. This will be really costly and not many employers would be willing to pay these expenses just to get you to Canada.

You do not need a representative or consultant to process your work permit application. They can't guarantee approval of your application. However, because of our experience and expertise on the subject, we can make your chance of approval better. We can help you avoid mistakes that may cause delay in processing and worst, refusal of your work permit application.

It is more prudent and less costly to get help before filing your application than to get help after your work permit application is refused.

Small mistakes cause BIG problems. Why take the risk?

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