October 28, 2008

Guaranteed Visa Approval

Looking for ways to have a guaranteed visa approval to work in Canada?

Applicants would normally ask if visa approval is guaranteed if we will process their application. That's a reasonable question of course. Unfortunately, we can't and will not guarantee visa approval. Whether you file direct at the visa office or hire us as your representative, there simply is no guarantee. The only advantage you have if you our services is that you will be guided.

Here are some tips for those application for temporary resident visa to legally work in Canada. These may not result to a guaranteed visa approval, but it sure will get your success rate better.

  • Submit all the required documents and accomplish the forms properly. Dont leave any blanks empty, put N/A (not applicable) on fields not is not applicable to you.

  • Provide as much information as possible on how you were able to get the job offer. Do you have a recruiter? Labor Marker Opinion (LMO) is not for sale. If the Visa Officer has the information on the circumstances on how you were selected, that will somehow clear out doubts whether you paid a recruiter to ger the job

  • The Visa Officer evaluates the applicant's competencies (education, experience) vis a vis your job offer. It is best if you have the training and experience related to your job offer.

  • You must provide evidence that they will return to the Philippines after the temporary work permit lapses. What are these documents? That depends on your circumstances.

  • Applicants who have been unemployed for several years, single and who have close relatives in Canada might be a cause for concern. However, a relative in Canada certainly would not bar acceptance of an application.
  • So there. I hope to have given you useful tips to have a higher chance of approval, if not a guaranteed visa approval. :-)