October 6, 2008

List of 38 Occupations Qualified for Canada Permanent Resident Visa Application

UPDATE: Nov 29, 2008
Official list of eligible occupation is now out!

I have readers asking for the list of 38 occupations qualified for permanent resident visa application. This question stems from the amended immigration regulations of Canada.

The list of occupations referred to by those interested to apply or those with pending immigrant visa application is the list of immigration priorities that will be issued by the Immigration Minister.

The said list of occupations is not yet available. There are those who speculate that the list may included those occupations in the medical, financial and IT sector.

The release of this list of occupations could be delayed because of the upcoming snap election this month. In fact, Canada's immigration program may shift to a different direction if the Liberals win.

So for those who are looking for the list of 38 occupations, you just have to wait for further developments. According to Immigration Minister Diane Finley, the specific list of desired occupations won't be made public until later this fall.

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