October 9, 2008

Medical Examination for Work Permit Applicants

A blog reader with a pending work permit application sent me an email. She have just received her file number and is asking me when is the right time to undergo medical examination.

Does work permit applicants have the option to chose when to take the medical examination?

Yes. Here's an excerpt from the the embassy cover letter for the medical instructions:
In order to expedite the processing of your application, you have the option of completing the medical examination before your interview takes place and/or your application is reviewed by an officer; however, please be advised that if your application is refused, the cost of the examination will not be refunded.

If you want an expedited process, it is best to undergo medical examination once you receive your file number and medical instructions. You must do this only if you think that you meet all the requirements and submitted verifiable supporting documents. The cost of medical examination if I think is now P3,000.00.

It is to your advantage if you will undergo medical examination soon. Consider the additional cost as your investment. And just like any other investment, expect a risk.