October 29, 2008


Trabaho is the Tagalog word for work.

I've just found out that many Internet users in the Philippines are searching for the word "trabaho". Using Google Trends, I searched for the word "trabaho" and learned that it indeed has a high search volume.

This post is for those looking for trabaho.

If you are looking for jobs in Canada using the internet, here are my suggestions:

1. Prepare a suitable resume for Canadian Employers. A Philippine styled resume will not be suitable for use in Canada. Remember that your resume serves as a marketing tool with you as the product. Here's a free Canada resume guide.

2. Now that you already have a Canada resume format, the next step is to search for employers where to send your resume. Target those jobs that you actually have experience and formal training. To get a better chance, apply for a position that is at least one level down that your current position. For instance, apply for a baker helper position even if you're a baker. Here's a Canada Jobs portal where you may find job vacancies.

3. Looking for jobs through the Internet is always a numbers game. The more applications you send, the better your chance will be. The result will of course be determined by the effort you give.

So there. Good luck to your job hunting! Pag may trabaho ka na, pa-cheese burger ka ha? :-)