November 25, 2008

Work Permit Without LMO Required

A Labor Market Opinion (LMO) is normally needed in applying for work permit to legally work in Canada. But there are jobs that do not require LMO to get a work permit.

People in the following categories need a work permit but do not need a labour market opinion from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC).

Workers covered under international agreements

Professionals, traders, investors and business people coming to Canada to work under certain international agreements

Entrepreneurs and intra-company transferees
Some types of entrepreneurs, workers transferring within a company, and other types of workers who will provide significant benefit to Canadians or permanent residents by working in Canada

Participants in exchange programs
People whose employment in Canada will provide similar employment to Canadians abroad, such as participants in youth exchange programs, teacher exchange programs or other reciprocal programs

Co-op students
Foreign students who are studying in Canada and who need to do co-op work placements as part of their program of study

Spouses and common-law partners of certain foreign workers and of certain foreign students who are currently studying or working under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program
  • Spouses of certain foreign students may obtain a work permit without having to obtain a labour market opinion from HRSDC. This exemption applies to spouses who are not themselves enrolled in full-time studies.

  • Eligibility criteria: To be allowed to work in this category, you must prove that you are the spouse of a student who holds a valid student permit and who is studying full time at a post-secondary institution—a university, a community college, a CEGEP, a technical or school of commercial studies—that is financed by the private or public sector and authorized by provincial law to award university degrees.

  • Academics and students
    Certain academics and students

    Religious workers
    People doing charitable or religious work

    Certain people who need to support themselves while they are in Canada for other reasons such as the refugee determination process