March 26, 2009

Social Security System (SSS) Static Information

If you're a Filipino worker applying under Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program or Live-in Caregiver Program to work in Canada, you may be required by the Canadian Visa Office to submit a Social Security System (SSS) Static Information. This is not a standard document that you will find in the application kit, but may be required in the middle of the process. This is their way to make sure that the employment history you declared are indeed true.

SSS Static Information

You can get your Social Security System (SSS) Static Information through a web inquiry at

In the past, anybody can access your static information from the SSS website as long as they have your SSS number, birth date and surname. This means that the Visa Office may in fact access your Static Information even without you knowing it. However, this system was already changed. You need to be registered first before you can access your SSS Static Information.

You need to complete the registration process by providing accurate information before you can use the SSS Web Inquiry. If the information you have provided does not match the information stored in the SSS database, it may delay the registration process. Since it may take time before you could actually access your SSS Static Information, it is best that you start the registration as early as now. Do not wait until the Visa Office requires it. In fact, you may submit your SSS Static Information together with your application forms.

Click here to start the registration process to get your Social Security System (SSS) Static Information through web inquiry.