April 5, 2009

Canadian Visa Office - Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanese nationals who are applying to live and work in Canada no longer needs to travel to nearby Visa Office in Syria. The Canadian Visa Office in Beirut, Lebanon is nw processing permanent resident visa appliation.

These changes was made March 31, 2009. Prior to this, Beirut’s visa office only process temporary residence applications (temporary resident visas, students and temporary workers)
Montreal, April 3, 2009 — As of March 31, Lebanese nationals applying to immigrate to Canada may select the visa office in Beirut, Lebanon, as their main point of service, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today.

“This change follows up on last year’s announcement, which gave immigration applicants from Lebanon the option to have their interviews conducted in their own country rather than have to travel to Syria,” said Minister Kenney. “That was a first step. We have now expanded the services offered in Beirut to provide citizens of Lebanon access to all visitor and immigration services.” [Source]

Federal Skilled Worker applicants from Lebanon will need to submit their application to the Case Processing Centre - Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia in the same way that other applicants from other countries do. Here's
CIO Mailing Address.

To qualify under the new Federal Skilled Worker program, applicant must have at least one year work experience in any of the high demand occupations. For applicants with Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO), they don't need to submit their application to CIO. They may submit their application to Canadian Visa Office applicable to them.

For more information about Canadian Visa Office in Lebanon, vist http://beirut.gc.ca