July 30, 2009

Canada Student Visa Application | Cost, Processing Time and Application Forms

There's a blog reader who emailed me asking me how much would it cost to study in Canada. I thought of posting here my reply and related information regarding Canada Student Visa Application - cost, processing times, etc.

First, you need to meet the eligibility requirements before you may file your application. To check your eligibility, read: Study in Canada: How to apply?

Canada Student Visa Application Cost
The cost you will incur varies depending on what program/course you will, where in Canada, how long, etc.

To obtain your study permit, you must demonstrate that you will have enough money during your stay in Canada to pay for tuition fees, books, living expenses for yourself and any accompanying dependents, and return transportation for both yourself and your dependents.

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada guidelines in addition to the cost of tuition fees, you will require approximately $10 000 per year to cover your living expenses. If your dependents are planning to accompany or join you, you will require an additional $4 000 for the first dependent, and $3 000 for each subsequent dependent.

Here are useful online resource to guide you in your Student Visa Application.

For Filipino applicants, application forms and guidelines are available for download here. Visa processing fee for study permit is C$ 125.00.

Processing Time: Study Permit Application
Here's the information I got from Canadian Visa Office - Manila website.

A decision will normally be rendered within 3 working days. Please be aware that processing delays may occur if a medical examination, an interview or additional documents are required. It is recommended to submit the application 2 months before the intended departure date.