July 23, 2009

Changes in Canada's high demand occupations?

A lot of applicants are asking me when there will be changes in Canada's 38 High Demand Occupations. These are applicants who want to apply under the new Federal Skilled Worker program but their occupations are not included in the list. For them to qualify, they must either have an Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO), Provincial Nominee Program nomination certificate or wait until changes in Canada's High demand occupations is introduced.

There are those who speculate that there will changes in Canada's list of High Demand Occupations to be introduced this year. I've been searching for official sources but without luck.

It is true that the list is subject to changes based on the Ministerial Instruction. Thus, if your occupation is included and you meet the eligibility, it is to your advantage to file your application soon! Always remember the INTC example.

I guess there will be no changes in Canada's high demand occupations within the year 2009. I'll post an update on Canada's high demand occupation as soon as I got confirmed information.