July 3, 2009

CIC Visa Party Pictures - June 2009

Canadian Immigration Consultancy has been in business for more than 20 years now. We have already sent thousands of Filipino workers to Canada through Federal Skilled Worker program and the numbers are still growing. At Canadian Immigration Consultancy, we celebrate our clients' success through a CIC Visa Party.

Here are some pictures during June 19, 2009 Visa Party.

CIC Visa PartyCIC Visa Party
CIC Visa PartyCIC Visa Party

Most of these clients filed their application in 2004. Yes, back then the rules were tough and the processing period is long. But that didn't stop them from filing their application. That's because they know and understand the value of planning.

People never plan to fail. They just fail to plan.

Now, you have to ask yourself: What will be your situation five years from now? Do you see a bright future? How you plan to give your family a better quality of life?

Here's a suggestion. Send your resume to aapuntar@go2canada.com for FREE ASSESSMENT! Find out if you are eligible under the new Federal Skilled Worker Program. Unlike those clients who filed in 2004, you don't have to wait for five years to get your visa. Processing period is now faster for those included in the list of high demand occupations. You may immigrate to Canada within 6 to 12 months!

Dreaming for a better quality of life is one thing. Doing something to make it happen is another.

What is it gonna be?

Our next visa party will be on July 11, 2009, 2pm at Max's Restaurant Baclaran, Paranaque City. Registration fee is P500 for single and P700 for married.

Attend our visa party and learn your options!