July 16, 2009

Czech Republic reacts to Canada visa move

Canada's decision to impose visa requirement on Czech Republic and Mexico
was not welcomed by both countries.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is recalling its Ambassador to Canada as a sign of protest.

PRAGUE (Reuters) – The Czech Republic objected to the reintroduction of visas for its citizens by Canada on Tuesday, bringing home its ambassador to Canada and asking for support from fellow EU members to have the decision reversed.

Canada reinstated a visa requirement on Czech visitors on Tuesday after hundreds of Roma from the central European ex-communist state sought asylum there.

The Roma asylum seekers say they have been discriminated against by the majority ethnic Czech population, a view backed by human rights agencies.

"The government considers reimposing the visa duty a unilateral and unfriendly step," Prime Minister Jan Fischer told reporters after a special government meeting called to debate the Canada move.[Source]

Czech Republic used to be included in countries with Visitor Visa Exemption.