July 15, 2009

INTC Example

Some 4 years ago, there's a couple of INTC (Intel Corporation) employees who told me they want to live and work in Canada. I showed them different programs how to immigrate to Canada.

INTCINTC Image from http://thestockmasters.com

Upon learning that the process may take an average of 3-5 years, they decided not to apply. They still have a good job at INTC. That is the problem with most applicants - they want to leave as soon as they have submitted their resume.

A couple of months ago, the same INTC employees went to see me in my office again telling me that they are decided to file their application.

They are both Electronics and Communication Engineer and they occupation is not included in the list of Canada's high demand occupations. Thus, they are not eligible to apply under the new Federal Skilled Worker program.

Sad, isn't it?

If you are eligible now and you are seriously considering to live and work in Canada, the best time to apply is NOW! Immigration rules change and the longer you delay your decision to apply, the more you are risking your eligibility.

Send your resume to aapuntar@go2canada.com for FREE assessment. Don't let the INTC example happen to you.