July 26, 2009

June 2009 Nursing Board Licensure Exam Results

Philippines' June 2009 Nursing Board Licensure Exam Results is now out. This brings additional 32,617 registered nurses, most of whom will be seeking employment abroad. For the new registered nurses who are planning to live and work in Canada, here's a couple of tips.

Almost daily, there are applicants who visit our office asking for information on how to apply for permanent resident visa to Canada. There are tho who got their license but until now, they don't have formal full time employment. What they have is experience as a volunteer, which unfortunately don't have bearing in the selection criteria under the Federal Skilled Worker program.

The problem there is that most of the new registered nurses thought that the only required experience as nurse eligible under Federal Skilled Worker program is that of hospital experience. That is not true. If you will be targeting hospitals to acquire experience, there is a tight competition there.

With at least one year experience as company nurse, school nurse, youth center nurse, doctor's office nurse, etc., you may already qualify to apply to immigrate to Canada!

Furthermore, you may also want to check the Provincial and Territorial Regulatory Bodies of Nurses in Canada for their requirements should you want to practice your profession in Canada.

Click here to check if your name is included in the list of those who passed in June 2009 Nursing Board Licensure Examination Results.