July 16, 2009

Question on Manitoba PNP

Remember the MPNP Applicant I wrote about here: Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) Processing Period? There is actually an interesting fact about the said application.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) Nomination Certificate was issued to the spouse and not to the principal applicant indicated on their MPNP Application Form.

I'm still looking for reference on how the MPNP handles the evaluation of an application vis-a-vis decision to change principal applicant. But based on the Manitoba Immigration glossary, here's how principal applicant is defined:
Principal Applicant

The person (you or your spouse) who is most likely to be approved according to the information provided in the Assessment Streams section. The other person will be considered a dependent on the principal applicant's forms.

If MPNP decides who will be the principal applicant based on the information that the applicant provides on their application form, it is important to also present the spouse profile (education, job description, supporting documents, etc) in the same way the principal applicant's profile is being presented.

I have sent an email to MPNP, will update this post once I got additional information.