August 27, 2009

6 - 12 months Processing for FSW | Is it for real?

Is the 6 - 12 months processing for Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) real? How come the cousin of my brother's neighbor took him about 4 years? :-)

It is of course understandable that there are those who will doubt the processing period is now that fast. The funny thing there is that we used to say the FSW processing period is about 3-5 years and many are being discouraged. And now that we're saying it is 6-12 months, there are those who doubt it.

We just convey the information available. We don't make the rules. So what is our reference for the 6-12 months processing? Here it is:

6 - 12 months Processing for FSW

The 6-12 months processing was mentioned in the 'Action Plan for Faster Immigration: Ministerial Instructions'. Click here to read the whole text from Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

While you are still in doubt and trying to prove us wrong, some others are now waiting for their visa. It is happening and we have the proof!

Always remember that immigration regulations change and the longer you delay your decision, the more you are risking your eligibility.