August 15, 2009

Job Search Through Internet Works

There are those who say that job search through the internet to live and work in Canada is like shooting at the moon. But I beg to differ.

Job Search

Job search through the internet works, but the result will be determined by your efforts.

Yesterday, one of my blog readers from Olongapo called me to ask about more information on what to do after an employer signified interest to hire him. He said through my Canada Jobs Portal, an employer emailed him asking about the processing period - how long will it take for him to go to Canada if the employer will process a job offer for him! And there is Mark, who shared a Guide for Filipino Nurses who want to live and work in Canada.

It is working.

Now, one of the problems you may encounter is that not all employers know how the process of hiring foreign workers. Make it easy for them, here's an Employer's Guide in Hiring Filipino Workers for Canada.

In sending your resume, make sure to submit a correct format. Here's Free Canada Resume Guide.

So go ahead, start sending your resume! When you find a job (trabaho) through your job search using the Canada Jobs Portal, pa-cheese burger ka ha?!