August 25, 2009

Royal York Hotel Scam

If not for the email I received from one of my blog readers, I wouldn't have known that there's this Royal York Hotel Scam.

Dear Mr. Apuntar,

Good day.

As per your assessment, based on the resume I sent you that I have a slim chance to go to Canada since my occupation is not included in the Canadian High Demand Occupations. Then, I followed your advice thru the websites you indicated in your email for me to look directly to the job listings in Canada. I'm very grateful for your help but I came accross this job opening at Royal York Hotel, Ontario Canada. This company sent me job application form and pro-forma service agreement wherein as per their instruction fill it up and send back to them within 72 hrs.

It came to my knowledge that there's a fraud warning regarding this Royal York Hotel Job Hiring. So, I would to know if this is really a fraud or their job hiring is legitimate?

Please see the forms they sent me thru attachments.

Hope to hearing frrom you soon regarding this matter.

I pray for CIC's continouos success.

More power.


(name withheld)

Here's the upper portion of the application form:

Royal York Hotel Scam

This is definitely a scam similar to that of Omni Hotel Scam, Marriot Hotel Scam and Linxus Royal Hotel Scam.

Read this to avoid these kinds of scam: Guaranteed Visas and Jobs in Canada.

Job search through internet works, but please be careful in sending your hard-earned money just to get a job.

Another modus operandi you will encounter are recruiters promising you to get you a Labor Market Opinion (LMO) in exchange for $1500 - $4000. The problem there is that they may get you an LMO but that is not a guarantee that you will be issued visa/work permit. But since your agreement is just to get you an LMO, you will not get any refund if your visa application is refused for whatever reasons. Worst, there are cases wherein employers withdraw the LMO while your visa application is in process.

Do not pay for LMO. That is not a good idea.

Fortunately for this blog reader, she asked me first about this Royal York Hotel Scam. Some others send their money first before verifying the offers.