September 19, 2009

Letter from Baby Daniel's Mother

Unlike in Canada, we don't have a reliable health care system here in the Philippines. Hospitalization for even a simple case is almost always a problem for most average income earners. Now imagine if you have a 5 months old baby who needs a liver transplant. That is exactly the case of Baby Daniel.

Once again, I apologize to my blog readers for cross posting this appeal from Baby Daniel's mother. I did this before for you Yuki and some of you helped. Please help Baby Daniel, too.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My name is Ma. Clarisa Arevalo Samson. I am a mother of two, named Gwyneth Ann and George Daniel. For the meantime, we are living in my parent’s house located at Blk 8 Lot 43,Barangay San Rafael 1, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan,Philippines.

I wrote to you this letter to ask for financial help for our baby George Daniel. My son Daniel was born with a life threatening disease called “Biliary Atresia”. It is a congenital condition characterized by the absence or closure of the bile ducts that drain bile from the liver. Biliary Atresia is a progressive inflammatory process that begins very soon after birth. In Daniel’s case, he was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia when he was already 2 months old. During that time, there was already a significant amount of damage to his liver. White blood cells invaded the ducts, which became damaged or closed completely. Bile was trapped inside the liver and rapidly caused liver cirrhosis.

An operation called “Kasai Method” was done on Daniel by Surgeons Dra. Minas, Dr. Baluga and Dr. Miguel at the UST Hospital last June 10, 2009. It is an operation that removes the damaged biliary ducts outside the liver. Then, the small intestine is directly attached to the liver at the spot where bile is found or expected to drain. This procedure is not a cure but rather a temporary solution to be able to give Daniel some more time to find the necessary funding for his operation and the matching liver type. Unfortunately, although the operation was done, his liver continued to fail. Our doctors told us that there is no other course but to have a liver transplant.

Unfortunately, liver transplant is not yet available locally but it can be done in Taiwan for P3 million pesos. This amount is simply beyond the means of our family. If my son will not be able to have a liver transplant soon, he will die. All we want is to see our son live that’s why we are appealing to your charity and compassion.

Donations can be deposited to:

Bank of the Philippine Islands branch under the account name Ma. Clarisa A. Samson, S.A. No. 3536 0445 53. Every peso counts. Or you could visit Sis Leony's Blog :
I beg you, please help us.

Thank you for your time in reading my letter and we are hoping for your kind help.
God Bless,

Ma. Clarisa Samson

Tel. Nos.: (+632) 393-0043, cellphone +63929-4984092, email

Matthew 5 : 7-8 ‘Blessed are the merciful,for they will be shown mercy, Blessed are the Pure of heart, for they shall see God’

Clarrisa is my schoolmate from the Sisters of Mary School, a school founded by Fr. Al to provide free high school education and vocational training for the poor.

Thank you.