September 2, 2009

Waiting for your CIO Notice of Assessment?

Notice of assessment from Centralized Intake Office used to be released within 30 days. But it appears now it takes CIO about 8-12 weeks to finalize the assessment.

So if you are waiting for the assessment result from CIO and it takes longer than one month, relax. There's no need to make a follow up at this point. It will come. Regularly check your email, CIO will be sending you the assessment result in advance via email (Read: Centralized Intake Office's E-Communication.)

While waiting for the assessment result, prepare yourself for your IELTS Examination to get a good IELTS Exam Results, if you haven't written it yet. An IELTS Review and Test Simulation is highly recommended before taking the exam.

Again, you do not need to make a follow up if you do not receive the assessment result from CIO with 12 weeks. It's still within the normal process. Making unnecessary follow up will not help. If any, it will just prolong the processing period.

But if you are really bored and can't think of anything to do, here's Batangas Beach Resorts where you may relax while waiting. :-)