October 24, 2009

Canada hits out at EU over visa spat

Sometime in July, Canada imposed visa requirement on the Czech Republic and Mexico.

As expected both countries did not accept it lightly. Czech Republic reacted to Canada Visa move and seek the support of the European Union in protesting such decision by the Canadian Government.

EU Justice Commissioner Jacques Barrot warned that "unless the measures we are proposing are established in a satisfactory manner by the by end of 2009, then we will recommend re-imposing requirements for certain categories of Canadian citizens."

Now, Canada is reacting to such statement from EU.
OTTAWA - Canada on Friday lamented threats made by the European Union in an ongoing visa dispute between Ottawa and the 27-member bloc, calling for "constructive dialogue" to end the dispute.

Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon hit out EU Justice Commissioner Jacques Barrot, who has warned Canada must lift tough visa requirements for Czechs by the end of the year, or face retaliatory measures.

"I regret the fact that Mr. Barrot chose to speak of threats while the solution lies in a constructive dialogue," Cannon said.

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