LMO Expiration | Limited Validity Period for Labor Market Opinions

This entry is to answer questions regarding Labor Market Opinion (LMO) expiration and the limited validity period for new LMO.

As of November 28, 2009, any LMOs issued before May 19, 2009 with an opinion expiry date of more than six months will be considered to have expired. Therefore, as of November 28, 2009, applications with an LMO containing an opinion expiry date of more than six months after the issuance will be returned as incomplete and the TFW may advise their employer to seek a new LMO.

This transition period is outlined in the Operational Bulletin 152 dated August 28, 2009 (Limited validity period for labour market opinions)

In the past, not all LMO have a date by which they must be used to apply for a work permit (WP). But as of May 19, 2009 HRSDC has established a maximum period of six months during which an LMO may be used to apply for a WP. This six month period is defined by the LMO expiry date.

If you filed an application for work permit with expired LMO, your application will be returned and marked incomplete.

If your LMO is issued before March 19, 2009, you have until NOv 29, 2009 to file your application. Otherwise, you will be needing a new LMO.

For more information about Limited Validity Period for Labor Market Opinions, click here.


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