October 4, 2009

SSS Record for Permanent Resident Visa Applicant

Several months ago, I wrote about Social Security System (SSS) Static Information stating that it is normally being required by the Canadian Visa Office in Manila for Temporary Foreign Worker and Caregiver program applicants.

Now I would like to add that Social Security System (SSS) Static Information may also be required for Permanent Resident Visa applicants.

Here's an excerpt from the letter received by our of our clients

Dear Applicant,

This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada.

We have now completed an initial review of your application. A visa officer has determined that a personal interview will be required to further assess your ability to meet Canada's immigration requirements.

We have scheduled an interview for you and your spouse on October XX, 2009 at XX:XX p.m. at the Visa Section of the Canadian Embassy which is located at RCBC Plaza, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Please bring the following with you on your interview:

o all your SSS records
o your passport used to travel to Canada
o all/all old and valid passports for yourself and for your spouse, for identification

- extra ID to surrender to lobby guard

This is the only correspondence you will receive from us prior to the interview.

I assisted this client first in her tourist visa application. She was able to get an Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) from that visit to Canada. She then returned to the Philippines and I assisted her on filing her Federal Skilled Worker program application. The process took longer than it should. We made a follow up and then we received this interview notice.

We will schedule an interview rehearsal this week. She was able to get her SSS records without visiting any SSS Office! You can also get your SSS records here: Social Security System (SSS) Static Information.