November 15, 2009

Marieton Pacheco did it the CIC way...

One of my blog readers asked me this question - If journalists are not included in the list of 38 High Demand Occupations, how come Ms. Marieton Pacheco, former ABS-CBN senior re­porter, was able to immigrate to Canada just recently?

Marieton Pacheco Now In Canada!
Though Ms. Marieton Pacheco bid farewell to her ABS-CBN family sometime in July 2009, she still reports for ABS-CBN News, Canada. Aside from that, she is now a freelance writer for The Philippine Asian News Today and Filipino-Canadian maga­zine Living Today.

Her Permanent Resident Visa application was filed on March 13, 2004. That was years before the Ministerial Instruction limiting the Federal Skilled Worker program to 38 high demand occupations. Canadian Visa Office in Manila approved her visa application on December 8, 2008 and her visa, together with her family members, were released June 3, 2009.

How did I know about her application details?

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