January 21, 2010

Moving to Canada | Canadian Immigration Integration Project

Today, we received 36 visa notices from the Canadian Visa Office - Manila. That means 36 families will soon be moving to Canada. These applicants have just filed their application last year. It is now really easier and faster to apply!

Now, their next concern is how to prepare in moving to Canada.

If you have relatives and or friends in Canada who are willing to help you on your initial settlement in Canada, that will be great.

But what if you don't know anybody in Canada?

There are a number of Welcome Centers for Newcomers in Canada that could be of great help to you, but just the same, it is best that you start learning about the following:

- How to find an apartment in Canada,

- Where to look for job vacancies,

- Opening a bank account in Canada,

- Important things to do upon landing in Canada, etc.

Furthermore, there's Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP) funded by the Government of Canada to help those immigrating to Canada under the Federal Skilled Workers Program in China, India and the Philippines. CIIP offers the following services for free:

- Information on the Canadian labour market occupations, and the steps required for integration;
- Advice and guidance to assist in planning successful entry to the Canadian labour market;
- Practical assistance in identifying and contacting Canadian organizations for further assistance.

For more information about CIIP, click here. Even without relatives or friends in Canada, moving to Canada should not really be a problem.