February 7, 2010

2004 FSW applications now moving

I mentioned on my February 2010 Visa Bulletin that he Canadian Visa Office in Manila is yet to finish applications filed in 2004 and that they stopped at October 2004 and there's no update for the last four months. Well, here's an update.

Yesterday, we received correspondences from the Canadian Embassy Manila for our clients whose FSW applications were filed from October 5-11, 2004.

2004 FSW applications are now moving!

Basically the letter requires the applicants to update their application forms and other information. This includes update on:

  • Status. You may have additional dependents that need to be updated.

  • Employment references. You may have transferred from one employer to another. That needs to be updated too.

  • Criminal clearance. You will need to submit an updated NBI Clearance and Police Clearance from abroad, if applicable.

  • Proof of Language proficiency. You will be required to submit IELTS Examination results

  • It looks like that 2004 FSW applications will all be finished this year and hopefully at least half of FSW 2005 applicants.