February 14, 2010

Are you doing it for the right reason?

Because of the nature of my job, I have the chance to meet people from all walks of life - doctors, lawyers, professors, nurses, technician, welders, electricians nurses, etc. They have one thing in common - they are looking for an alternative to what they are doing now. They want change. They want to explore opportunities in Canada.

But Canada isn't for everyone. If one is to read NotCanada.Com's Top 8 Reasons Why not to Immigrate to Canada, some may easily be discouraged.

Canada Visa: Paraiso

This is why I admire the likes of Mr. and Mrs. Paraiso. They are both successful in their chosen fields and don't really need to immigrate to Canada if they are just to think of themselves.

They knew very well that there is a great chance they may start at entry level positions once they landed in Canada. This would be a very tough decision to make specially so if one is already holding a higher management position in a reputable company like Mr. Amando Paraiso. He was classified under Financial Auditors and Accountants.

But because their objective was very clear, that has never been a problem for them. They decided to live and work in Canada thinking of their son's future. They want to prepare a better quality of life for their family, financial security.

From the time they submitted the supporting documents to Canadian Visa Office in Manila, after receiving the positive assessment from Centralized Intake Office (CIO), it took about 8 months before their visas were issued. It would have been shorter if not for the delay in the submission of Saudi Police Clearance.

If you are thinking of living and working in Canada, too, you should ask yourself - Are you doing it for the right reason?

Having a better quality of life requires sacrifice. If you are not prepared to sacrifice a bit, Canada may not be for you.

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