February 6, 2010

Check your SPAM folder!

I got this interesting email from one of my blog readers. If your FSW application is filed years ago and is wondering why you're not hearing from the Canadian Visa Office in Manila even after the waiting period prescribed, you should check your spam folder too!

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 2:10 PM, *** wrote:

Hi, Mr. Apuntar,


After reading your February 2010 bulletin, we checked our spam box and yes, we received an email from the embassy that states my name and file number and says CONFIRMATION as the subject but the email itself is empty. We replied to say that we got an empty email and have yet to receive a reply.

Would you have any idea what it is about? Will really appreciate it!

Thank you and more power!


What is that about? My guess is it's just confirming if you have a working email address. I'm not sure though. The best thing to do is hit the reply button if also received that kind of email. And to make sure that you're updated, regularly check your application status online.