March 3, 2010

Authorization Letter from Canadian Board of Immigration Lawyers

If you are actively looking from employers in Canada through the Internet and somebody asked you to get an Authorization Letter from Canadian Board of Immigration Lawyers and that you need to pay $85 to get it, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT!

It's a scam!

Greater Toronto
Law Offices of Charles W. Pley.
Address; 102, Sherwood Heights Drive Ontario, Canada.

Attention; On behalf of the immigration airport lawyers and board of directors.
An immigrant who is visiting Canada as a Tourist or invitation to visit any of the Canadian Hotel for work or Any Company, examination cannot be concluded at the port of entry by the officer, A visitor visa is a document or stamp in the passport (in most cases) which allows entry of a person into Canada as the person meets the requirements of the Act for the purpose of visiting Canada.

Visitors must apply to a Canadian Board of Immigration Lawyers and obtain admission in such an institute as you have contacted us. This institute must be certified by the Immigration Authority for the issuance of the AUTHORIZATION LETTER.

But before we can issue you the AUTHORIZATION LETTER, as requested by the Immigration Bureau Ottawa Department Canada to enable your Visa to be issued at the Canadian Embassy, you are required to pay the sum of $85 Dollars for the issuance of your AUTHORIZATION LETTER.

This is generally mentioned in the prospectus of the Tourist or Invitation by any Hotel or Company for work in Canada. And immediately your document is Approved Admission in that particular institute will qualify him / her for Working Permit Visa Approval Authorization, if you are ready to pay for the processing fee and obtain the AUTHORIZATION LETTER. You can contact our zonal tourist department on how you will make your payment in their office.

Note: you are advised to contact them through this email address below so that they will direct you how you will go and make the payment to their office.

Note; As soon as we receive your payment fee from our zonal tourist department, you will be issued the AUTHORIZATION LETTER immediately as requested by the Immigration Bureau Department Canada, which will guarantee the issuance of your Visa at the Canadian Embassy. Be inform that you have only 48 hours to send us the payment confirmation receipt from our zonal tourist department, failure to do so your entire documents will be terminated.

January 2010.

The above letter was forwarded to my by one of my blog readers. He's almost ready to pay them but fortunately he asked me first. You do not need Authorization Letter from Canadian Board of Immigration Lawyers to process your work permit. And there is no such thing as Immigration Bureau Ottawa Department Canada.

Atty. David Cohen is a legitimate Canadian Lawyer but his name is apparently being used by these scammers.