March 2, 2010

Online Resource for Newcomers | Finding newcomer services in your area

As you may have noticed, more and more applicants are getting their visas within a short processing period of 6 months on the average. These new immigrants will have a common concern once they landed in Canada - Finding newcomer services in their area.

Well, here's a good news.

Minister Kenney announces expanded on-line resource for newcomers
Ottawa, March 1, 2010 — From finding information on how to start a new business to opening a bank account, there are many steps newcomers take to successfully make their way in Canada. Now, an internet resource has been created for newcomers to help them quickly and easily find a range of government services, in addition to settlement services, in their communities, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today. This resource is easy to find at

“The Services for Newcomers resource has been put in place to help newcomers find the private sector and government services they need to succeed. With this resource, newcomers will easily find the many services available to them, such as how to buy their first home,” said Minister Kenney. “This can only increase their chance of successful integration within their new communities, and this is an important goal for Canada.” [Source]

The said Online Resource for newcomers has two major services being offered - Community Service and Government Service.

Community services for newcomers include free services such as:
  • language training

  • help with everyday tasks

  • finding a job

  • helping newcomers adjust to life in Canada

  • Government services include:
  • driver's license

  • passport

  • health care

  • government benefits

  • For more information, visit

    Before moving to Canada, be very sure to check out Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP) too!