May 8, 2010

Mr. Zedfrey Salazar and his wonderful plan!

Mr. Zedfrey Salazar was one of my seminar attendees at Angles City a couple of years ago. He wanted to apply under Federal Skilled Worker program but due to lack of work experience, he's not eligible. He is a Registered Nurse with only few months work experience that time.

Caregiver Applicant from Angeles City

I taught him an alternative application process - How to find jobs in Canada. And just last month, he received his Canadian Visa as live-in caregiver!

He was able to find a job offer as live-in caregiver through the help of his relatives. We filed his caregiver application February 2009.

The application process wasn't smooth. The embassy required too many documents from the employer. Some of those documents were already submitted but we advise them to comply just the same.

His visa was issued last month. Processing period for live-in caregiver applications is about 12-18 months.

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Mr. Zedrey Salazar will be moving to Canada few months from now. Soon, he will get his permanent resident visa and would be able to get his parents, too! That is exactly one of his first few questions - how to get his parents. That is a wonderful plan and a great Mother's Day gift for his mom.

What about you, what is your plan?