June 3, 2010

Canadian Embassy Manila Processing Time Delay

Recently, a number of our clients has been wondering why they do not receive notice from the Canadian Visa Office-Manila even after the 45 days processing time indicated on their acknowledgment letter. This of course makes most of them worried about their application.

Are you in similar situation?

You shouldn't worry if there's a delay, it has nothing to do with your documents. Give it 2 weeks alloance before you make a follow up. There seems to be delay in processing due to volume of applications the visa office is reviewing.

The new acknowledgemt letter we received recently indicates a different processing time.

Processing Time:

Applications for permanent residence in Canada in the category in which you have applied are finalized in an average of 6 to 12 months in our office. If you have not received any instructions from this office within 90 days from the date of this letter, please contact us directly and inform us of this.

That used to be 45 days.

The same thing is true with those who have submitted their original passports, waiting for their visa. It used to be returned with 2-3 weeks. But now, it takes longer.

“We will make our best efforts to have your passport(s) returned to you with your visa(s) within 90 days from their receipt at the Embassy. You should not make any plans to travel to Canada until you are in possession of your passports and the required visas.”

Processing period remains to be 6-12 months from the time the Visa Office received your application with supporting documents, after assessment from Centralized Intake Office.

So there. That explains why there is a delay. Avoid unncessary stress. It's not you, it's the embassy. ;-)