August 13, 2010

House Resolution No. 195 | Training Fee for Nurses

Finally an investigation on the so called training fee for nurses being charged by hospitals. Hats off to Eastern Samar Representative Ben Evardone for his House Resolution No. 195!

MANILA, Philippines—Is the practice among hospitals to charge training fees by as much as P20,000 on nurses legal?

Eastern Samar Ben Evardone is urging the appropriate committee in the House of Representatives to look into this, raising alarm that hospitals, both government and private, may already be exploiting the nurses.

“Government and private hospitals have exploited the situation by charging as much as P20,000 for a three-month training, hiring and deploying them to staff positions in graveyard shifts and without pay, forcing our helpless nurses to bite the bullet and thereby compounding their miseries,” Evardone’s House Resolution No. 195 said.[Source]

I've been hearing about this training fees for nurses for quite a time now. I often hear this from new nurses who come to our office inquiring about opportunities to live and work in Canada. The first time I heard about it, I really can't believe that it is being allowed. It is simply ridiculous. If it isn't exploitation, I don't know what is.

Unfortunately for these nurses who paid the training fee to have "experience", it won't really help them for their immigrant visa application. Volunteer work is not considered.

If you are newly registered nurse and planning to immigrate to Canada, you need at least one year experience and it doesn't have to be acquired from a hospital. Here's a Guide for Filipino Nurses who want to live and work in Canada.