August 15, 2010

LIfe is all about timing - Carl Lewis

visa party

Mr. and Mrs Pedroso was one of our clients who attended the visa party last Saturday. They have just received their visa and will soon be moving to Canada!

Had they delay their decision longer, they would't have this golden opportunity.

Mrs. Rhea Pedroso is a Certified Public Accountant. When they they learned that her occupation was included in the list of 38 High Demand Occupations, they immediately decided to file their application. And in less than a year, they already got their visa.

The list of high demand occupations was changed last June 2010. Accountants are no longer included in the priority list.

Currently, there are only 29 high demand occupations eligible under the Federal Skilled Worker program. If your occupation is in the list and you are interested to live and work in Canada, you should decide now. The timing of your decision will make a huge difference.